What is RAMS?

An Early-Warning System for Mental Health and Addiction Struggles

Give America Hope has developed a state-of-the-art mental health and addiction tool known as RAMS. The Risk Assessment Monitoring System (RAMS) is a scientifically developed instrument that acts as an early warning system for both addiction and mental health issues.

  • Based on machine learning and proprietary algorithms, RAMS provides and easy-to-use survey to track and evaluate people’s responses

  • RAMS identifies various supports, resources, barriers and strengths to give an accurate assessment of peoples condition

  • RAMS incorporates predictive modeling to gauge a person’s trajectory and offers insights into best practices

  • RAMS collects information to help civic leaders, stakeholders and decision makers decide the most efficient allocation of resources and what supports are needed in a community.

Contribute to the ongoing research and development of RAMS

Become a facilitator for RAMS use in your community